I am really having fun with the PinBlad that I got from Andre Domingues. I hope these shots don't make you regret your decision!!! This crazy combination of Hassey back and 3-D printed cone and pinhole is so small that I've just been sitting it on restaurant tables as I eat. I've only had 1 person even notice it and he asked if it was a big GoPro. I like the way that you can see items on the table and the restaurant but only shadows of the busy restaurant guests. I am thinking of continuing the project at bars and restaurants around my town. I am shooting Ilford FP4 at 125 ISO, so the exposure times have been between 8 minutes to 20 minutes that works well with the time I spend in the places. #pinblad #pinhole #ilford #ilfordfp4 #filmisnotdead #sunny16podcast #negativepositivespodcast #ishootfilm #analogphoto #filmphotographyproject