Bistro Jeanty - Yountville, CA

Yountville, CA, originally uploaded by rbbimages.

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Here is a recent post from our weekend in Yountville, CA. Some of the best food in the world. Shots include, the French Laundry's 3 acre organic garden, and some of my favorite local restaurants.

More shots to come and more at my flicker site.


Via Flickr:

Bistro Jeanty

Leica M9 - Voigtländer 50mm/f1.1



Barndiva, originally uploaded by rbbimages.

One of my favorite spots in Sonoma County, Barndiva in Healdsburg. Great wine, food and setting..

Ryan Fancher is our chef de cuisine. He worked with Thomas Keller for three years at the French Laundry before moving to NYC as part of the opening team for Per Se. For the past few years he has been earning great props in his own right working for several distinguished restaurants in Napa County.

Barndiva, Heldsburg, CA, Leica m9, Nokton 50mm f1.1, Wine Country.