A passion for photography...

Born in the Texas Hill Country, Robert is the son of a
photographer pilot father and well-known South-
western painter mother. He grew up around all of the
trappings of an artistic family. Often coming home from
school to find his mother conducting a watercolor or
life-drawing workshop in his family living room. During
his childhood, his father would take him flying to shoot
topographical mapping, followed by hours spent together
in the darkroom. 

From these roots, and with a deeply embedded love for
the Earth's land, rocks and soil, it was a natural step to
study Geology. Learning about the origins of life
combined with his eye for beauty, he began travelling
the world as an International Oil and Gas Geologist. 
One who captured on film, the essence of the lands and
cultures he visited.

Robert shoots a variety of films and formats, though
the last few years he has gravitated towards almost
exclusively medium format and some 120 format
panoramic format. He has always developed and printed
all of his black and white images and produces custom
Platinum/Palladium prints on watercolor paper. 

"For me, the darkroom work is another opportunity to
express the unique artistic nature of the photographic
medium. I have always strongly identified with Ansel
Adams' quote that 'the negative is only the score and
the fine art print the performance'".

Robert now lives in the Sonoma wine country, with his wife Jennifer, their 5 sons, and 3 French Bulldogs!.

For more information Robert can be contacted via
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